Job Ideas for Handicapped People

Home based job ideas for physically handicapped person:
Online or computer based:
1] Web Designing
2] Web Programming
3] Content Writing:
5] Internet Marketing & Data entry jobs
6] Home Tutor
7] Virtual Assistant
8] Book keeping and more…

Offline or non-computer based jobs:
1] Home Tutor
2] Making soft toys
3] Designing & making handicraft items
4] Stitching & embroidery services and more…

1] Personally I am not a handicapped person but I wrote this post because I am saddened by the condition of physically challenged & physically handicapped people. Since it’s very tough for them to go outside from their home and do a regular 9-5 job I think home based jobs will be perfect for them.
2] There are lots of other ideas of work at home job opportunities for physically challenged & physically handicapped people but I have written those ones which are the easiest and require least physical movement.
3] The points noted here are completely my own personal views. I accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever to any group or individual due to this post.

How to get projects or clients?
There are lot of freelancing or bidding websites where you go and bid for projects. Most of these websites are global websites. If you want to find country specific bidding websites then you have to search for that in Google yourself. Some of the best freelancing or bidding websites are:

Also visit these following posts to get more freelancing or bidding websites

From the above mentioned sites you will get projects or clients for online or computer based jobs. To get work for offline or non-computer based jobs you have to use your reference or asking for help from some local handicapped helping organizations.

Some of my other posts which you may find helpful if you’re starting your online business:

How to accept payments from overseas clients?
Paypal ( is the best and most famous brand or company or payment gateway to accept money from international clients.
I am from India and Paypal India allows using bank account and/or credit card to register an account with them. Go to their website and try registering an account and the complete process to get an paypal account will be mentioned there.
Good to mention that, Paypal India has lot of RBI guidelines to follow. So thoroughly check Paypal India, TOS (Terms of Service) in their website.

1] If you have any questions regarding this post then do ask me through commenting.
2] If you think that the post is not correct or if you have any objection with this article then do let me know by commenting.
3] If you think that some more stuff should be mentioned in this post or if you have any suggestions to make this post more informative and useful then do let me know by commenting.

Some more useful posts:
Online resources for handicapped and disabled people (India based):

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4 thoughts on “Job Ideas for Handicapped People

  1. Hi i m tariq from pakistan i m a handicap person but now a days i m in new york for searching good job and future but unfortunately there is nothing for me but i m still tring to get i m a photoshop image editor can u help me to find some one line work

    • Hi Akshat,
      Just go to the bidding websites I mentioned and make an Paypal account. For Paypal you may need your PAN number and bank acccounts IFSC code.

      Thank you

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